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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 R121 Ancestry.com FairbairnJohnFlint 
2 R121 Ancestry.com FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
3 R121 Ancestry.com EarlyFairbairn 
4 R221 British Columbia Archives FairbairnJohnFlint 
5 R154 DNA Surnames FairbairnJohnFlint 
6 R155 Fairbairn OneNameStudy FairbairnJohnFlint 
7 R155 Fairbairn OneNameStudy FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
8 R149 Family Search (LDS) EarlyFairbairn 
9 R149 Family Search (LDS) FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
10 R149 Family Search (LDS) FairbairnJohnFlint 
11 R9 filed Borders Correspondence FairbairnJohnFlint 
12 R53 filed DAVIDSON/BAIN g'g-parents FairbairnJohnFlint 
13 R55 filed DAVIDSON\FAIRBAIRN gg-g'parent FairbairnJohnFlint 
14 R103 filed FAIRBAIRN\ROBERTSON 3*greats FairbairnJohnFlint 
15 R22 Filed in sources folder & notebooks FairbairnJohnFlint 
16 R29 Filed under Borders Correspondence FairbairnJohnFlint 
17 R143 findmypast.co.uk FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
18 R143 findmypast.co.uk FairbairnJohnFlint 
19 R30 held in Lorna's research database FairbairnJohnFlint 
20 R21 LDS library FairbairnJohnFlint 
21 R21 LDS library EarlyFairbairn 
22 R21 LDS library FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
23 R126 Library and Archives Canada FairbairnJohnFlint 
24 R125 Lorna's library FairbairnJohnFlint 
25 R139 National Library, Australia FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
26 R65 National Library, New Zealand FairbairnJohnFlint 
27 R32 New Register House, Edinburgh EarlyFairbairn 
28 R32 New Register House, Edinburgh FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
29 R83 NZ Geneaological Society FairbairnJohnFlint 
30 R20 Public Record Office FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
31 R20 Public Record Office FairbairnJohnFlint 
32 R146 Scotlands People (http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/) EarlyFairbairn 
33 R146 Scotlands People (http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/) FairbairnRobertCrosbie 
34 R146 Scotlands People (http://www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk/) FairbairnJohnFlint 
35 R56 Selkirk Archives FairbairnJohnFlint