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Source (S1381)
The Archibald with the ? after his name has to have existed, as the Fairbairn Surname DNA project provided a DNA match between a descendant of [PAGELINK:]11318;Archibald Fairbairn and Alison Crosser, likely first son Archibald born Whitsome, Berwickshire, and a descendant of Archibald and Mary Grierson/Giessen's, son George, baptised Bowden, Roxburghshire. These two families are contemporaries in time and fairly close by place.
The name Archibald? is assigned as father of the Archibald who married Alison Crosser from my assumption that the 1783 baptism of an Archibald to an Archibald, hynd of Whitsome Vaults, is their likely eldest child.
Prompted by this unexpected success I researched the other Archibald and have now convinced myself that his father was Robert, and grandfather John (marr. Bessie fflint), this all being from both naming patterns of the children, and the baptisms being in the right area and timeframe as there are no convenient wills left around for us to find. The extended family also end up in all the right places (Smailholm and Kelso). There's even an Archibald as a witness to one of the baptisms, and a Thomas Anderson.

My calcs are that a grandfather to the two known to exist Archibalds would cover 8 generations in total, between the matching y_DNA candidates. This agrees with the 90% probability calculations from FamilyTree DNA's y_DNA calculations (95% that it was no more than 10).
This seemed good enough reason to join the families up in this way, it may however be a generation, or two, further back - until we also factor in the growing number of autosomal dna matches bewteen the two lines.

An additional line joined this extended Fairbairn family with an unexpected match between these Archibalds and a descendant of William Fairbairn and Jean Wanless, who had emigrated to Quebec. This 67/67 match between a descendant of the Archibald who married Mary Grierson, and a descendant of William Fairbairn and Jean Wanless. and the 64/67 match between the Crosser line and these two lines has led me to join up the families as per the linked charts.
You can read about this research journey on my personal Fairbairns page 
Fairbairn, John (I52709)
The http://worldfamilies.net/surnames/fairbairn/results;Fairbairn surname dna project has come up trumps - again.
I began to suspect that the family of FAIRBAIRNs I was tracing around in Ontario and Alberta just might belong to the family of an Archibald who married Jane Blakey in Tynemouth in 1841. Much later, I realised that I'd never actually checked this marriage cert. When this was remedied I was very interested to see that this Archibald's father was another Archibald.
Given that the one married to Jane was given as born about 1813 in Scotland in most available records, and the only Archibald son of Archibald I had in my database of Fairbairns was the one baptised in St Boswells in 1813 to Archibald F. and Janet Scott, it was looking even more likely that I'd found out what had happened to this latter Archibald, albeit that the father was shown with an occupation (gardener) that I hadn't associated with him. (Up till now I had assumed he had died prior to the 1841 census).
Thanks to a McKee researcher connected to the Ontario branch of these Fairbairns (who only knew their ancestry back to the Robert who married Martha Almira Huston), a descendant was convinced to represent his line in the Fairbairn dna project.
The preliminary results (Apr 2009) showed a 12/12 match, and by May they showed a 64/67 match, with the known descendant of Archibald and Janet (Scott) Fairbairn. QED, especially as two of those markers are unique in the project to this line, and marker cdya of 36 is shared with Martin the known descendant of Archibald and Janet (Scott) F, and none of the others in the project.
And when in Apr 2011 Ed turned up a military record for John, son of a Walter of Roxburghshire, which clearly showed his mother as Agnes ROBINSON, we finally had a proven representative of Archibald and Alison (Crosser) Fairbairn to compare the other representatives with. A good match. 
Fairbairn, Archibald (I15576)
4 this date coming from his death cert. Assorted records over the years have ranged from abt 1833 thru to 1842, and the place is the most likely from the range of Scotland, Canada West (Ontario) and Canada East (Quebec), and the Grenville on his newfound baptism, and his marriage cert, which place does appear to be just across the river from Hawkesbury, and matches where other related Fairbairns were in 1842 Fairbairn, John (I32772)
5 "2nd child" Fairbairn, Jane Ellen (I32699)
6 "31Aut Cecy daut to Archd Fairbairn Hind Moorhead 26 Sept" Fairbairn, Cecily (I52727)
7 "after birth" Fairbairn, Mary Roe (I55183)
8 "Agst 11 Robt Fairbairn had a son B(aptized?) n(amed) Archbald" Fairbairn, Archibald (I18457)
9 "Archbald Fairbairn in Clarrilaw and Mary Grierson his wife had a child born 1st Augst and Baptizd before the Congregation 30th octr named Mary" Fairbairn, Mary (I52728)
10 "at home" Anderson, Adam (I55005)
11 "At St Kilda, NSW (sic) in Oct 1856, Thomas FAIRBAIRN, farmer, Pentland Hills, 3rd son of Andrew FAIRBAIRN, Primside, ROX to Margaret GRANT, second dtr of Lachland GRANT, Broadmeadow" Family F13
12 "Beamerside" - Scotland assumed Fairbairn, Jane (I56143)
13 "Can. English" Fairbairn, David McDougal (I33440)
14 "Canada E" (previously published as 1832 cos I couldn't subtract) Fairbairn, Robert (I32773)
15 "Canada Eng" Schryer, Mina (I33318)
16 "Canada W" Graham, Margaret (I15528)
17 "Canada W" Fairbairn, Robert (I32691)
18 "Canada W" Smith, Mary (I32704)
19 "Canada W" Fairbairn, John James (I32705)
20 "Canada W" Fairbairn, Georgina (I32706)
21 "Canada W" Fairbairn, Anne (I32770)
22 "Canada W", might be as early as 1818 (1861 cens.) 30 in 1851 b CAN Fairbairn, Archibald (I15527)
23 "CE" from 1861, later census records have as b. Ontario Fairbairn, William George (I15529)
24 "Died of heart failure in the carriage on the way to the embarkation point for Canada, with her youngest child Archibald in her arms."
Although Yetholm headstone transcription reads" 13 (?).5.1822 aged 56 (?) years, this cannot be accurate as at least two children show up in the Kelso records as born and baptised in Kelso after this date George 1823, Janet 1825. 
Wanless, Frances (I32672)
25 "died young". Youngest child born 1880 Fairbairn, Jane Ellen (I32699)
26 "followed some of their children to the US where they spelled their name WINTHROP" Fairbairn, Cecilia (I15959)
27 "followed some of their children to the US where they spelled their name WINTHROP" Wintrup, Robert (I23755)
28 "Grandma Viele" wrote that her "grandmother Joan Forsythe died when father (John b 1832) was quite young and a step mother came into the picture. I never heard much about her except that she wasn't kind to the children".
This could certainly explain a mass emigration of the children! I assumed that this 2nd marriage was after 1841 as James didn't have a wife with him in that census, but it could just as easily have been between the c 1834 death of his first wife Joan, and the census, or she could just have been absent on the 1841 census night. However, subsequent happenstance (my curiousity about the marriage of James' dtr Alison) led to my finding this entry further down the page: "James Fairbairn at Melrose bridge bar and Elizabeth Laidlaw in the Parish of Ettrrick and married 26 April 1844" (having been "booked for Marriage on 12 April), Melrose Bridge bar being where Alison was when she married her Willam Scott 
Family F50
29 "in a wreck and killed" Fairbairn, John (I55336)
30 "in the house of his daughter Mrs Chas MURRAY", other sources saying Ormstown, Le Hault/St Laurent Grieve, George (I56237)
31 "Lowlands", oldest child Fairbairn, Elizabeth (I56142)
32 "married 14 yrs" in the 1910 census, (which is assumed to be to David, not COOK); cert. shows David as a tiler 37 b CAN s/o David FAIRBAIRN & Charity WALER (sic); Mina Schryer COOK as 31 b CAN d/o Alvin SCHRYER and Phyllis O'ROURKE; Both had been married once before. Wit by Mr & Mrs John WILLMAN, Previous entry was Mina's brother Horace to Lizzie Brandel, witnessed by Mina COOK and David F. (no surname, just F.) Family F142
33 "Mrs Fairbairn" Vrooman, Adeline (I56337)
34 "My great grandmother Walker came from Ireland. She didn't want to come to Canada with her small baby so my great grandfther tricked her. He was bound that she would come with him so when she went down to the boat to see him off, leaving her baby with her mother, he inveighled her to come on board to see his quarters just as the boat was ready to sail., So there she was at sea with no extra clothes and her small baby, which she never saw again, left in Ireland." Walker, William (I31048)
35 "My great grandmother Walker came from Ireland. She didn't want to come to Canada with her small baby so my great grandfther tricked her. He was bound that she would come with him so when she went down to the boat to see him off, leaving her baby with her mother, he inveighled her to come on board to see his quarters just as the boat was ready to sail., So there she was at sea with no extra clothes and her small baby, which she never saw again, left in Ireland." Cunningham, Agnes (I31049)
36 "named after an ealier John who had died in an accident" Fairchild, John (I24050)
37 "On 20th ult., at the residence of the bride's father, Joseph Iredale to Mrs Jane Fairbairn, widow. (Rev C W M Gilbert)" Family F267
38 "On the point of embarking for Canada in 1822 when wife died en route. Emigrated later, in 1826, taking mother-in-law (Lady Ellen WANLESS) along to look after the children." (But Frances didn't die in 1822) Lindsay, Adam William (I32673)
39 "sheep farming by the River Murray" Fairbairn, John (I27417)
40 "south side of main street running thro' burgh of Lauder" Family F125
41 "They had 12 children, 9 sons and 3 daughters, one of them being called Charity." Names mentioned later in the memoirs include: Bill, Stuart Family F139
42 "went west" Fairbairn, Ernest (I32700)
43 "William 27, Sarah 26, Robert 11, Jane 6, Anne 4" William should be 37, as 27 in 1851, Sarah was 22 in 1851, so should be 32 here or younger in 1851, Jane and Anne in correct age relationship but given as younger than they really were. Family F37
44 "William Fairbairn, a Scot from Roxburghshire and a millwright by trade, came to Canada in 1820. (actually a little earlier than that) With his mason's skills, he found ready employment in the construction of locks on the Rideau Canal. In 1838, Fairbairn asked permission to establish a mill on the 'petite riviere Lapeche'. There was no grist mill within sixty kilometres of the farming community in the new township. The substantial waterfall on the Lapeche was a perfect site. It was two kilometeres south to the farm Fairbairn had established four years previously on the Gatineau River" Fairbairn, William (I15531)
45 "without leave, subsequently sanctioned"; cert. shows William Ross as musician R.A. s/o John FAIRBAIRN, carpenter; Fanny as d/o Andrew HALL, carpenter; Both resid. Plumstead, of full age, and signed; Wit: John CAL???, Lily HALL Family F85
46 #125 Holiday, Peter (I11757)
47 #57 Fairbairn, Robert (I13930)
48 #57 Knox, Elizabeth (I13931)
49 #57 Fairbairn, Robert (I14579)
50 #75 (p11) FAIRBAIRN Catharine MORGAN wife of William FAIRBAIRN died Nov 3, 1905 aged 77 years William FAIRBAIRN 1817-1912 Emily A HICK 1848-1929 Fairbairn, William (I33182)

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